Boyfriend watch, El primero Classic Cars

22 June 2016


Men are in the kitchen and women are at the 24 Hours of Le Mans! Have we swapped roles? So what! Hobbies and passions are not (or at least certainly shouldn’t be) gender specific, and the pleasure and fulfillment that we get should not depend on outdated societal norms.

I like dresses. I like shoes. And, I like hobbies typically “reserved” for men. Take cars to start; preferably classic cars. Placing my hands on the steering wheel of a collectable is an escape to another world: a world of elegance and authenticity, full of untold stories. Yes, classic cars do have the power to make even the smell of engine oil elegant. So if I’ve dared to steal this “male hobby”, why stop there? I’ll also slip his watch onto my wrist, just as other girls may opt to pull his jeans over her hips or borrow his button up.

Large, striking, elegant, technical, with perfectly balanced dimensions… these virile timepieces appeal to me more than the supposed female versions that tend to be poor undersized copies set with diamonds.

Naturally, only a mechanical watch would be able to conquer my petrol head heart. Mission accomplished by Zenith’s El Primero Classic Cars. The watch was unveiled at the latest fair in Basel and is completely aligned with the brand’s DNA so closely tied to historic automobiles. As the name suggests, the Classic Cars inherits the movements of the El Primero 1969, the first automatic chronograph with a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, making it the most precise caliber in the world. This “Classic Cars” timepiece features a 42mm steel case, an anthracite dial with a brushed engine pattern and a power-reserve of at least 50 hours.

The perforated leather strap with a protective rubber lining and the three different coloured counters give it a seventies racing feel. It has a fiery look to it and would look fantastic on the wrist of the most exigent female driver. Speaking of which, where are the keys to the 300SL?


Price of the El Primero « Classic Cars » : 6900 euros

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