CHANEL – Signature Grenat

16 November 2016
Chanel signature montre

Chanel signature montre

And the winner is…


Not an easy task to choose among six high-jewellery watches, each one of them more sparkling than the other. It is however the “Signature Grenat” by Chanel that was awarded the prestigious prize in the best jewellery watch category at the GPHG 2016 ceremony (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) that took place last week in Calvin’s hometown.

This secret cuff watch in 18K white gold takes the shape of an articulated bracelet made up of a succession of diamond-set squares. A direct allusion to the House’s iconic quilted motif, so dear to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. This exceptional piece by Chanel bears a strong, well-chosen name: “Signature”. This truly unique piece is part of the collection “Les Éternelles de Chanel” and is paved with no less than 1’171 diamonds, 91 yellow sapphires (2.5 carats), 79 orange sapphires (30.4 carats) and 87 spessartite garnets (2.5 carats). Last but not least, a 52.61 carats carmine garnet takes centre stage to delicately cover the dial of the watch. Masterfully executed, this piece of art is simply out-of-this-world.

Beyond its beauty, its femininity, the quality of its diamond setting or even its quite unique explosion of warm tonalities, the “Signature Grenat” presents a rare and distinctive feature that only very few secret watches can offer. The curved shape of the square garnet actually enables the reading of time through the stone, without having to open the watch.

600 hours of craftsmanship were necessary to complete this masterpiece. A true jewel imagined and created in the workshops of the Chanel House on Place Vendôme. Benjamin Comar, Chanel’s Head of Jewellery, explains that this piece pushes the boundaries of high-jewellery watchmaking, as “the diamond-set quilted motif is further highlighted through an impressive mirroring effect that enables the exceptional quality of the stones to be fully expressed. Moreover, these precious stones are a vibrant tribute to Chanel’s haute-couture spirit, so dear to the House. The precious dial of this timepiece offers a modern vision of secret watches.”

By the way, did you know that secret watches of former days were always relatively small and that their dial was completely hidden? This enabled women to surreptitiously take a discreet peek at time, in a very private way.

Discretion and politeness have now given way to the beauty of creativity, thus enabling Chanel to win 1st prize in the best jewellery watch category. A distinction that rewards amazing craftsmanship and an uncompromising selection of the highest quality precious stones.

Eléonor Picciotto

The Eye of Jewelry x Watch-Her

chanel signature grenat chanel signature grenat chanel signature grenat chanel signature grenat chanel signature grenat chanel signature grenat

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