Stop! shouts the Corum Bubble

6 March 2017

Stop to violence! Stop to terrorism! In this beginning of the year, such is the message spread by Corum on the occasion of the launch of three new limited editions of its famous “Bubble” watch. In the current context, such a message is more than welcome and necessary. These three totally new pieces are the result of a participative campaign organized by the brand several months ago and entitled “Customize Your Bubble”.

The aim was to enable all watch aficionados to be an integral part of the creative process behind a watch. “Whereas some brands limit themselves to a simple dialogue with their clients, we decided to directly involve our fans in our creative approach. The result of such open-mindedness went well beyond our expectations and the Bubble Stop is the perfect illustration”, commented Davide Traxler, Corum’s CEO.

Such an experiment, a first in the world of watchmaking, counts on absolute transparency and the input of new creative energies. “Through the participation of its fans, Corum has managed in just a few weeks to gather more ideas than by any other mean”, adds Davide Traxler. Nonetheless, the beautiful object remains an original timepiece, based on a design by Jérôme Barbier, a huge admirer of the brand.

The watch features a honeycombed surface recalling the first limited editions, a resistant strap and, for the twist, a dial made from the same reflective material as Swiss traffic signs, supposedly the best in the world. There really is none like us!

Sing with me: “Stop! In the name of loooooovee…”

Pascale Tardin

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