Watch-Her.com is a bilingual women’s watches blog created by Macha Vananty, author of What-to-Where blog and lady driver in her spare time, and co-edited by Jorge Guerreiro, journalist and founder of the webzine Jsbg.me.

Watch-Her.com will talk about watches and women. Or better: a conversation from watches to women. Because yes, women do appreciate beautiful mechanisms, and also because it remains to the man’s world of watchmaking to make a step towards women. Just as the best of the timepieces, Watch-Her is a Swiss-made blog and claims their Swiss genes through a high standard and rigorous content. A rigour which will not stop us from a thread of humour and lightness. It is also an avid and enchanting globetrotter for the travels, stories and beautiful meetings it will be sharing with you.

Watch-Her positions itself at the crossroads between the watch publication, the lifestyle magazine and the fashion blog. There are various publications regarding watches, on and offline, of excellent level, but noone has never addressed directly to women. The time has come; welcome on Watch-Her.com




Macha Vananty


Macha, short for Marie-Charlotte, but shh, don’t tell anyone – is already well known in the digital world as she is the co-founder & author of What-to-Where, a women’s fashion & lifestyle blog dedicated to smart Luxury. In her spare time, she participates in historical car rallies and races.






Jorge Guerreiro


Jorge is the founder of the webzine Jsbg.me, an online publication addressed to those curious about everything and anything, from art and fashion to travel. In parallel, he regularly publishes articles in various Swiss and French magazines.








Sofia Clara


Sofia is a Swiss lifestyle blogger over at sofiaclara.com where she shares a happy homemade way of life. Sofia is a self-taught photographer with an eye for detail. When she’s not behind the camera, you’ll find her in the kitchen or scribbling in her sketchbook.