Hublot women novelties Baselworld 2017

22 April 2017
Big Bang one click Italia independent

hublot Big Bang one click Baselworld 2017Hublot, the brand that dresses ladies’ wrists in a single click. 

When we think of Hublot, we usually think of a testosterone-boosted universe and images of football and Ferraris come to our mind. However, Hublot is among the first watch brands to truly consider women. And when I say “consider”, I mean to get rid of stereotypes such as the delicate and fragile wrist of women and to dare to associate it with a watch featuring more “masculine” dimensions. In the rather male chauvinist world of watchmaking, placing women at exactly the same level as men is quite a daring bet. In a recent interview, Jean-Claude Biver even confessed to us that there was no such thing as men and ladies watches. By way of proof, the Hublot website does not classify its references using the commonly-found categories of “men” and “ladies”. It proposes watches of different diameters and with different materials and finishings that could perfectly delight either gender. An interesting and smart approach since we do observe more and more men wearing diamond-set timepieces, as well as ladies that opt for a more pure or even sporty design. The slogan that says that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” therefore urgently needs a good dusting…As a matter of fact, Hublot has now been offering for several years decent-sized unisex watches totally adapted to ladies’ wrists. Moreover, the brand follows the latest trends in an agile way as its aesthetic codes are closely linked to the world of fashion …a very efficient way of seducing women. And who better to present these collections than Israeli top model Bar Refaeli?

Bar Rafeali hublot GenèveHublot brand ambassador since 2015, Bar Refaeli displays a cool and uncomplicated spirit. She is ultra feminine, but is also capable to assume her share of masculine DNA, be it only with the trouser suits she wears so stunningly well on the catwalks.

On top of its watches, Hublot also positions itself as a benefactor of the feminine cause through projects such as the “Hublot Loves Women Award” that rewards financially the best lady-entrepreneur of the year.

This year in Baselworld, Hublot continued to speak to women by offering them interchangeability, probably one of the most coveted functionality for most watchmaking companies in 2017. In this context, Hublot managed once again to stand out from the crowd thanks to its patented “One Click” system that offers a very easy and quick change of bracelet…without ruining our manicured hands.

We love the concept of interchangeability since it demonstrates a form of acceptance and understanding that a watch can also perfectly be considered as a fashion accessory. And just like other accessories, we highly appreciate the freedom of being able to match our watch to our mind-set or daily outfits. Obviously, the cost of a timepiece being generally much higher than most designer handbags, we are soon confronted with a budget issue. But with interchangeable straps, we can give a new breath of life to our favourite watch…in one single click!

Three 39mm models were presented in Baselworld and you can rest assured that with their fur cuffs and assorted sunglasses there was no lack of fun.


Next winter’s top trend will be the “fluffy wrist” (not hairy!) and for good reason Hublot will therefore dress ladies’ wrists with fur…certified animal friendly of course. Mounted on a leather strap audaciously lined with OrylagÆ rabbit down, the Big Bang will walk around our posh ski resorts leaving a strong impression. When the time comes and in a single click, the Big Bang will get rid of its fur and its full-diamond case (or not) will be dressed with a more traditional rubber strap. It is important to note that the OrylagÆ rabbit is generally used for gastronomic purposes and is therefore not sacrificed solely to decorate and warm our wrists. The “cuff” is available in a palette of extravagant colours but also in natural tonalities, each time with an assorted stitching of the corresponding bracelet.

Cuddly Cuff strap: CHF 1’300.- / Big Bang 39mm full diamond steel: CHF 35’900

Hublot Big Bang cuddly cuff



This is the first time since the beginning of the collaboration between Hublot and Lapo Elkann in 2014 that a ladies collection is designed. And yet, when one listens to how the inheritor of the FIAT family speak about women, we can duly regret that his creativity had not yet engendered a ladies watch. For this specific partnership, the main protagonist is velvet: a soft, elegant and precious material particularly dear to Italia Independent. Offering a deliciously elegant cocktail, the black ceramic case is further decorated on its bezel with an array of sparkling diamonds. This timepiece is available in three different colours (dark blue, blue and purple) and comes with a pair of assorted sunglasses. The perfect kit that will make you dazzle at the Monte Carlo Beach this upcoming summer.

CHF 18’900.-

Hublot big bang Italia independent velvet

watch her blog hublot Big Bang Italia independent sunglasses


Whether one agrees with tattoos or not, we simply cannot contest the beauty and the subtlety of this timepiece, be it only for the elegant dance of polygons providing us with the indication of time on the dial. A very graphic style that bears the signature of Maxime Buchi, the famous tattoo artist that has been collaborating with Hublot since last year. For this limited edition of the Big Bang, he decided to reinterpret and adapt the main codes of his work, endowing the watch with a ballet of geographical shapes directly inspired from Leonardo Da Vinci’s construction. The bezel, generally round-shaped and featuring the brand’s emblematic screws, was here replaced by a hexagonal-shaped bezel that provides balance and consistency to the watch. The case is further decorated with six series of diamonds for a total of 0.70ct. A truly artistic and poetic timepiece offering an original indication of time.

Sang Bleu steel and diamonds: CHF 15’900.-/ Sang Bleu King Gold diamonds: CHF 27’900.-

Hublot Big Bang one click sang bleu

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