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15 June 2016

Watch-Her  –  Women Watches And Other Stories

Reverso, Classic Fusion or Constellation; these iconic watches have adorned womens wrists for decades! Worlds away from Jaquet Drozs first wristwatch, these models are practical, they elegantly tell the time and have slowly become a fashion accessory as important as a handbag. Most of us use our smartphones to tell the time so wearing a watch is no longer essential, but it is a proof of style, a wardrobe staple, a timeless object, a legacy of the past that we project with great importance into the future. It is a fascination for some, a sign of social allegiance, but above all, a luxury item. Because in the end, the ultimate luxury is nothing else than the time we have. And what is more beautiful than a timepiece to take it over? is a womens watch blog; a new digital destination created by a woman, co-edited by a man where we talk about watches. A mix of information, dreams, words, but mostly women Protagonists of the watchmaking world, creative spirits, ambassadresses of charm, glamorous actresses We commit to highlighting women working in this mans world, because although men may have sought to find ways to tell the time, a woman – or more precisely, your mother – is to thank for the time you have. Through interviews and news articles, we will explore their world and discover their choices of watches.

We dedicate this site to women but also to men with taste, to watch lovers, and all those who offer themselves the luxury of taking the time

We will talk about luxury watches but not exclusively. Prestigious brands and watchmakers will mix with small brands, from high street watches to premium watches, unique craftsmanship, all the way to connected watches. We will decrypt the art of telling the time from a modern, trendy and current point of view. The Boyfriend Watch” series is all about unisex mens watches that we love to steal; just like boyfriend jeans or a boyfriend shirt. Watch-Her’s Style Pairing posts will take us to the crossroads of fashion and lifestyle, matching our watches to the chosen outfit and event. Through our creative editorials, we promise to share our travels and take you away to another place where time keeps ticking away, but where each hour of the day is so different to our norm. 

 –     Macha Vananty



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